“Caitlin comes to her work with a true artist’s eye. She relies both on her own aesthetics with fashion and photography and her subject’s personal tastes and comfort level to achieve a blend of realism and theatricality with her photos. She is a breeze to work with, making the experience relaxed and fun, and is open to suggestions about clothing, setting and expression, making the session one of joyful collaboration.”

Tracy Michelle Arnold, Chicago based actor, American Players Theater Core Company Member

Learn more about Tracy here: https://americanplayers.org/about/people/tracy-michelle-arnold

"I can't begin to describe how wonderful my experience with Ruby Images has been! Caitlin combines incredible talent and extraordinary vision with an ability to put her subject at ease and feel gorgeous and confident in their own skin. She made me feel like a goddess during my shoot, and it certainly showed through in the final product! I've never had another photographer capture the different sides of me so skillfully and beautifully. I look forward to collaborating with Ruby Images often again in the future!"

Sarah Thompson Johansen, Soprano

here is a link to her website: http://www.sarahthompsonjohansen.com/


"I worked with Caitlin on my most recent promotional photos and headshots. I needed an update from my four year old photos, and admired her aesthetic. The experience was incredibly positive! We began shooting my more formal look indoors and Caitlin quickly put me at ease. Our personalities complimented each other well and she was SO helpful when it came to tips on posing and generally looking as good as possible. We went on to do three outfit and location changes, and I could not be happier with the final product! I think Caitlin grasps the essence of her subjects better than most any headshot photographer I’ve seen. I love the variety I got in terms of location, ensemble, and attitude in each photo. The turnaround was quick and the quality was exceptional, especially for the price. Caitlin will make you look and feel like a STAR; I can’t wait to book another session."

Samantha Attaguile, Chicago-based mezzo soprano

You can learn more about Sam here: http://www.samanthaattaguile.com/


"Ruby images has a creative eye for both bold and serene feminine authenticity. She works with a strong intent and the results are sometimes unexpected but alway remarkable. In addition, Ruby Images is both highly reliable and a joy to work with. I did’t have much experience modeling, so I was thankful that Ruby Images helped me during my shoot to understand how to interact with lighting, tilt my head, and relax my face. She knows what she is doing both behind the camera as well as from the perspective of the model!"

Madlen Breckbill, Violinist

"Working with Caitlin Ruby Miller was a truly an empowering experience! From the moment we met she made me feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. She coached me on my modeling and we tried a verity of poses that allowed to to showcase my full range of emotion and style. I left the experience feeling powerful and I was overjoyed with the outcome of my photos."

Hannah Viti, Activist


"Working with Caitlin was wonderful. I was looking to gain more insight and experience with different photographers around the Chicago area as well as broaden and gain photos for my portfolio, and we had a great day of shooting together. I appreciated that we shot with many different looks in both a studio and multiple outdoor environments. Caitlin has a great eye for lighting, backgrounds, as well as the later process of editing. I love my photos from our shoot and look forward to working together again in the future 🙂 “

Brianne Buishas, Model/Actor

check her out at @babuishas on Instagram

"Caitlin Ruby Miller is a dynamic photographer with a unique, distinctive voice. I really enjoyed working with her! She's very open to experimentation and improvising, which made my shoot with her really fun. I needed new headshots, and I came out of our session not only with great headshots, but with some sweet spider-monster dance pictures as well!"

Jordan Crice, Pianist

Check her out here: https://www.facebook.com/pianistajordana/