Financial Commitment

Headshot I am completely committed to attending La Musica Lirica.  To attend college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I am taking out federally aided student loans. In the event that there was a substantial enough gap between my raised funds and expected costs, I will take out a personal loan at market rates to seal the gap. This means that no matter what, I will be attending La Musica Lirica this summer. If I am fortunate enough to raise more than the costs of the program, I will apply all of the funds to the expense of pursuing an operatic career.  I am committed to going to graduate school to study opera, which is a crucial step between an undergraduate education and entering the professional world.  The costs related to graduate school auditions include airfare to travel to the city, potential housing costs for the duration of the audition, travel costs within the city, and application fees.  Some other expenses that are crucial in a singer’s development include weekly accompanist fees, lesson fees, and coaching fees. The funds I raise will only be applied to tuition or the fees of pursuing an operatic career. cropped-header-bw.jpg

2 thoughts on “Financial Commitment

  1. Jan Swenson

    I just spent time looking through your website and think it is just wonderful! I hope the fundraising is going well and that you “break the proverbial leg” at Saturday’s recital in Madison. I’ll wait for the one in Spring Green where I’ll be cheering you on and will be donating again! Best always, Jan

    • Caitlin Miller Post author

      Thank you, Jan! Yesterday’s recital was fun. Morphy hall has nice acoustics, and the audience was very supportive. I am excited for the concert in Spring Green at the church–I know it will be a different vibe but just as rewarding! Thank you for your support, and I’ll see you soon. 🙂

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