Thank you!


The support that I received to attend La Musica was absolutely wonderful. Thank you to everyone who made me able to have an experience that was critical for my development as a singer.


Playing the role of the Countess was a dream come true.  My teacher, Professor Julia Faulkner, is known for performing the Countess and will provided expert guidance throughout my time in Italy.  Singing in Italy was a dream come true; it enriched my spirit, my voice, and my artistry.

  Learn More About the Program and Fundraising Campaign: If you would like to read a description of the program click here. If you would like to learn the many benefits of my participation in La Musica Lirica click here. If you would like to see an itemized list of the costs associated with attending the program click here. If you would like to know exactly what I will do with your contribution click here. If you would like to visit the La Musica Lirica website click here. If you would like to contribute click on the Paypal link below. I deeply appreciate your donation to assist me in pursuing my dream of becoming an opera singer.
Thank you!

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  1. gigi la budde

    Hi Caitlin- Nice website!!! I’ll be prairie burning on Sat., so can’t attend your concert. Michael and I would like to donate to your Italian adventure! Any way we can do it the old-fashoined way, i.e. me send you a check thru the snail mail? Maybe you should include that option on your website? Break a leg in SG tomorrow; we’ll miss hearing one of our favorite voices! You Go Girl!

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