Ruby Images Featured In Scapi Magazine!

Hello everyone,


When I got the message from Daniel that he wanted me to be interviewed by Scapi Magazine, I was very excited. I ended up hanging out at their studio for hours, when eventually we began the interview. To be honest, I was worried about sounding awkward. But, to the contrary, I feel like this interview became a chance (as it continued on) to show listeners how much I actually THINK about the photos I create. They aren't all by chance, and I have hidden meanings in a lot of them that I want the viewer to discover themselves. I mention in the interview a slew of singers that I have worked with, some actively successful and others who are breaking out on the scene. I was so flattered  to be able to have a chance to discuss this in a public atmosphere, and to have Maureen and Daniel respect my work so much.


We talked a lot about feminist concepts of body inclusivity and notions of how women are "told" they should be by society.


There are more collaborations with Scapi Magazine coming up in the future, so stay tuned!


Link to the podcast:


You can also search Scapi Magazine on the iPhone Podcast app and look up the episode with Caitlin Ruby Miller.


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