Molly Fashion and Headshot Photography

Molly is a Milwaukee-based actor. The first part of our shoot we were creating a more traditional-looking headshot for her actor needs. The second half was inspired by vintage looks and a certain level of grunge. This sort of shoot is an example of how Ruby Images can cater to your different needs as an artist during a shoot. If you are an opera singer, of course we can skip the smoking. But the idea is that this shoot shows how versatile Molly is as an actor. We found a vintage Mistubishi van to play with, and we visited a laundromat. I hope you have as much fun with these as I did!

Diva Marysa Fashion Headshot

I think this photo is somewhere between a fashion portrait and a headshot. I love it. We put highlighter (a makeup product that adds glow to the skin) and flooded her face in light. The collar is from a vintage trench coat, and her lips are a MAC liquid lipstick. Marysa is an opera singer in Chicago, IL.

Ruby Images does Head Shots and NEW STUDIO!

I am happy to announce that I have opened a new photography studio in Rogers Park. It's conveniently right by the Morse Red Line stop (for those of you without cars). I am sharing the space with a couple of really inspiring painters, but don't worry, I have my own delineated space just for shoots. The photo below is of Molly Corkins, a Milwaukee actor. I do head shots too!