Ode to Trump

Ode to Trump: *trigger warning* You come in like a burning flash of white obliterating us with your power. your fire, a comet here to destroy. the atmosphere disintegrates at the right place, the right time. your sinister luck was perfectly timed, and you destroy. you take... my vagina my body my heart my mind my brothers my sisters the best of us all, in the dark of night megalomaniac! you set fire to my soul. flaming narcissism, your nationalism throws gasoline on the ground of this country. What will happen to my pussy, now that it has been grabbed and stolen, by you and your cohorts? what will happen to the unwanted children, forced to be born with no support, growing up in an america that is not theirs? we, the people, spoke, but not loud enough, not strong enough, the majority of us don't want you. why did we fail? The hatred among us, the white fury welcomed you Hail, Hitler! they came out of the ugly cracks in cacophonous droves. hate has erupted, my heart is breaking hoping for the olive branch the white dove. souls are being taken away by the monsters in the night, detained by men in masks. Your bullets will not break us. Yes we can? you are the monster, your hatred has been brought into the light. we all tried to live on the surface our lives haven't been easy but we've been tip toeing, trying to spread the love that we can working with the little we have to make art, to make love, to make peace, to make change, but now, the volcano has erupted and the lava will destroy us all. how will our forest grow again after the lava settles? Where are you America? You aren't Latino's America you aren't Black's America you aren't Hispanic's America you aren't Muslim's America you aren't the Disabled's America you aren't LGBTQ's America you aren't Women's America acid rain will fall on the world as you tout your nuclear arsenal. the rain will fall, as you take away the marriages of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters rain will fall on our dead bodies as we rot on the streets American carnage, at its worst. you are the monster in the night you have woken up the hatred in this country now, we are, on full display to the world a disgrace our empire will reach farther into the hearts of the globe the imperialistic knife will rise and you will rip "them" out, leaving a trail of blood that you call the great America America's back pocket has always been dark a house, built by slaves praries once heard, the chants and drums of the real America but you have stripped us of our clothes, and the only thing we have left is you. You've opened the pocket and the knives have poured out Pandora's box I am tied, water boarded by you and your men my body shudders as I watch your hands approach. you think you own me. you take away my choice, you rape me, without abandon, you rape my sisters and brothers my body is a feast for you, and you bring your sharpest cutlery. I hurt for America I cry for America America, where are you? I call to you through our vast lands the land of the free? the home of the brave? the great American experiment I hear whispers of the Native Americans, silenced I hear that black lives don't matter, I hear that Jesus said marriage is between man and woman I hear that the Muslims must leave I hear my nightmares and the voices grow louder, and louder my head hurts, and I crawl to a corner of the darkness breathing silently and waiting for the years of storm to pass our oceans are rising our species are dying our storms are killing the people of the world, and here you are, to perpetuate it in your ignorance gallons of gasoline pouring from your greedy heart. I am with my brothers and sisters, our necks, constrained, told we are being brought to the new the GREAT NEW america and as we are funneled into the concrete room we hear the gas entering, we look for doors, a way out but there is none. we suffocate. you have destroyed the best of us, the heart of us and you will destroy your followers until you stand on a pile of rubble, the rubble of us all, waving your poisoned flag. Make america great again? Make america hate again. You are not my family. You are not my father. You are not my grandfather. You are not my brothers. You are not my sisters. You are not America. You are not the world. You are NOT my president.