Kira is an opera singer based in Chicago. She has a great personality and was a lot of fun to photograph. We played with masculinity versus femininity. If you would like to be photographed, contact me through my website. logo photography website


I experimented this weekend with different images that came to my mind. One involved a woman on the street eating a doughnut, creating a play on Americana. Another was wanting to experiment with confetti and seeing what it would do when thrown with flash. I wanted the outfit with the confetti to be simple and understated. Lastly, I've been inspired by bathtub photographs in general. They are a bit too overdone and can become cliche, but the femininity of the bathtub is quite beautiful to me. I wanted these photos to be more tranquil and to capture the essence of femininity. I also wanted them to have a bit of vulnerability to them. Then I wondered what it would look like for a flower girl to get the edge of having a knife. Enjoy. If you would like to be photographed, contact me here. logo photography website