Welcome Back

Hello everyone, It's been so long since I've written. So much has changed in my life- tidal waves of change. I'm going to have this blog be free form; maybe I'll talk about physics, maybe you'll catch a glimpse of street style, or maybe I'll tell you what I (hope to) know about string theory. Oh yeah, and then there's opera. 🙂 Life plopped me out of college and I became a baby again. I feel like major milestones in life force us back to square one. There's something beautiful about it, but also agitating. About fifteen days into my new life my apartment in Edgewater caught on fire. That is, an arsonist set a duffel bag on fire in front of the door. It was quite devastating, as you surely can imagine. I had a wonderful friend, with a car and time on her hands, who was able to really help me through it, helping me replace a lot of my belongings.  The fire delayed everything- the transition, the job, social life, my artistic life. Everything was put on pause and then the opera audition season slapped me in the face before I could even breathe. After auditions, a few jobs, and a lot of hard work, I'm finally in a job that I like where I make enough money to slide by. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely sliding by, no Louis Vuitton shoes are being purchased here. Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn't be jealous. I see other actors/musicians/artists doing the same thing, fighting for our dreams. Without divulging personal information that I would like like to keep between friends and family, that's about as far as I can go in my personal story. When I entered college I wanted to double major in Chemistry and Vocal Performance. And by Chemistry I mean a gateway into particle physics. I, quite literally, wanted glimpses into the secrets of the universe.  I thought that the universal power of music melded with the extremely complex quantum mechanics would help me answer questions that have been stirring in my mind since middle school. Pop in some spirituality and politics and I think that's a good recipe for a comprehensive world view. Like a lot of things that happened in college, that was paused. I realized that for me to really pursue music, it had to be my one and only major. And I loved music more than particle physics. So, I set off on my journey. I was lucky to get some good roles, to travel to Italy. It was good, sometimes bumpy ride. It was a blast to have my first role be Musetta, she's so sassy and lovable. Now I'm deciding where to go, to stay in the emerging professional world or to go back to school and get a master's degree. Both, of course, have their pros and cons. Music has helped me learn more about myself, to challenge myself more than other disciplines would have. I am so happy I made that choice Freshman year, the choice of my heart over my head. I've written a lot today, so I'm dividing it up into a few different posts. This one is a general update.   Best,   Caitlin