The Voice

Hello everyone, The smell of new music is one of the best in the world.  When I copy a new aria, get a new score in the mail, or page through a score in the library searching for the right piece I get so excited. It is better than any shopping there is, because after you get the initial rush, you get to dive in and make art.  You don't just get to wear it out, hang it on your neck, or watch it sparkle on your finger. You get to put it inside of yourself and make it something that you will never forget. You get to keep it; it's your little secret.  Music does that for me.  When I feel that something is so vulnerable that it is like my deepest darkest secret, that's when I know that it is time to step on the stage. Music stays with you forever. It will never leave you, betray you. It is what you put in it, and when you put yourself fully into it, there is nothing else like it in the world. That is what good performance is to me.  When I feel moved and feel chills deep inside of me when I'm watching a performer, I know that their soul is on stage. I felt 15 minutes of "chills" seeing a performer who has the most incredible star power. The performer didn't have perfect technique, not every note was centered or on pitch, but that person was singing with their soul. From Mirella Freni:          “A beautiful voice is but one element, and I would dare say not the most important one, that the singer can use to define herself as a true artist. If you think about Maria Callas, who I think was the greatest soprano of the 20th Century, she had a ‘particular’ voice but she managed to arouse incredible emotions in her listeners. A richness of humanity is, I think, almost more important then the voice. How can  one speak in believable ways of love, death, betrayal, honor, friendship, of all those sentiments that are a permanent part of opera, if we don’t really know them or have lived them?” Cheers, Caitlin It doesn't matter how many times you have listened to this already: